Warranty Policy**

Effective from Jan 1st, 2021, the following conditions will apply for warranty service on orders placed from 01/01/2021

All AUTOBAHN ® products will have 2 Years warranty*

(2019 and 2020 batch products had 1 year warranty )

*Products failed will be replaced at free of cost unless there is an upgrade in the product.

1) Warranty against defective bulbs only. If 1 bulb is defective, only 1 will be replaced.

2)Physical damages are not covered under warranty. Any short circuit due to water accumulation, warranty will be void.

3)Usage of external relay will permanently damage the LED circuit board. The warranty will be void if the external relay is used or found to be used.

4)DC operation only. LED bulbs are not for scooters and bikes operating in AC connection. Eg. CB Shine, Unicorn, Activa, Dio, Access 125 etc. If connected to these vehicles, bulb will fuse immediately and we will not provide warranty.

5)Warranty Processing time: 3-6 weeks

6)Shipping cost upto Rs. 120 to be paid by the customer.

7) For Business customers, distributors and resellers, Warranty is 1 Year. The replacement will be issued in subsequent order only.

8) The customer is eligible to switch to a higher performance product during warranty claim. The difference cost has to paid by the customer.

Liability of Warranty

1) Warranty is restricted only to the product purchased from autobahntechnologies.com or sales counter with a valid Bill or Invoice.

2) Vehicle manufactuers restricts the use of aftermarket products. By using aftermarket products, you agree to risk the warranty condition as specified by the vehicle manufactuer.

3) Our liability is restricted only to replace the parts of products or as a whole listed in http://autobahntechnologies.com during the warranty period in case of any defect. We are not responsible for any part failure of your vehicle on the due course or even due to the usage of our products.

Out of Warranty Products

1) Products will be repaired and delivered to the customer. Reparing and delivery charges apply

2) Buy back policy: Out of warranty products even if defective will be procured at 25-50% of salvage value and credit will be issued to the customer account in autobahntechnologies.com. Customer can use it to buy products from the website. (Conditions apply)

*The company reserves the right to void the warranty of any product, any time without any prior intimation to the customer.

*Warranty is applicable from original bill date of purchase only.

**The warranty policy is subject to change without further notice.

** There is no contract between Amazon and Autobahn Technologies for fulfilling warranty. Customer should adhere to the terms and conditions. Violation to the terms and conditions [20,21,22] will void warranty.