AUTOBAHN F1 Laser Bi-LED Projector Retrofit Triple beam 120W (60W each) 24000LM White 6000K 2pcs


2 Years Warranty

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angel eye shroud dual colour

Bi LED Laser Projector / Bi LED Projector with Independent laser

Note : Retrofitting Bi-LED projector requires installation by Professional only. Package includes only a set of projectors. Wiring, switches has to be purchased separately.

Specifications and Product Features

1) Output Intensity : 24000 lumens per set (12000 lm/pc)

2) Input power consumption : 120W per set (60W / pc)

3) Input Voltage = 12V DC

4) Low beam / High beam : Taiwan LED chip / NICHIA LASER LENS 

5) LED 3 light lens. Built in driver, small size and short length for easy install.

6) Bi LED Laser Projector

Unique double-convex lens optical design. Direct-fire independent high beam design for far distance.

    Also Independent Laser tube for long depth illumination, extreme weather projection.

Laser Technology

  • New Independent Nichia Laser Module
  • Hyperboloid lens


7) The optical design of double-convex lens can effectively reduce the light loss and the high beam is more powerful and the irradiation distance is longer.

8) Beam Pattern: Strong cutoff low beam with independent high beam. Also Independent laser beam thorugh laser tube. Autobahn Bi LED Laser Projector

9) Driver: Build in driver

10) Reflector: Double Reflector + Laser Tube

11) Working Temperature: -30*C – +85*C

12) Fitment: Moulding holes to install

13) Cooling system: Laser independent copper tube fan thermal module. Aviation cooling Aluminum Module

14) Application : Car headlight projector, Car fog light projector


Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 17 cm


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