AUTOBAHN Coil Spring Suspension Buffer for Cars Height Increase Protect Bumper

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Suspension Buffer


  • Product Name: Suspension Buffer
  • Material: Poly Urethane
  • Weight: 0.3 kg ~ 1.85 kg / box depending upon Buffer Size
  • Colour: Transparent Colour
  • Design: 19 Holes design with drain holes

Special features

  1. Reduce underchasis and bumper hitting the speed bump
  2. To reduce inclination while high-speed sharp turning
  3. To protect shock-absorber on the bumpy road
  4. Reducing fatigue when you drive long distance
  5. Adopt high end car’s buffer principle and improves the damping performance of the car
  6. Restore elasticity of shock absorber
  7. Extend shock absorber life
  8. Reduce road noise
  9. Increase height of the car by 3-5 cm
  10. Easy instalation

Measurement Steps

  1. Locate the Coil spring shock absorber of the car
  2. Prepare a piece of paper without any wrikle or folded spot
  3. Place the paper between the space of the coil spring
  4. Repeat the same for rear suspension too
  5. Take out the paper and measure the gap using rule / scale

Instalation Steps

  1. Lift the car body with jack.
  2. Spray soapy water on the upper and lower grooves of the spring to lubricate.
  3. Align the upper and lower spring grooves of the rubber buffer, install and push from the bottom to the top and slowly rotate it to the middle of the spring. Note : Spray soapy water for ease of suspension buffer movement.
Suspension Buffer Size

A 47cm, B 35cm, C 27cm, D 23cm, E 17cm, F 12cm


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