AUTOBAHN 2 inch Bi LED Projector fog 120W 16000LM White 6000K 2pcs

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Bi-LED & Laser Fog Lens

Model : 2 inch Bi LED Q8M Pro


1) Output Intensity : 16000 lumens per set (8000 lm/pc) 

2) Input power consumption :120W per set  (60W / pc)

3) Input Voltage = 9-16V

4) Low beam / High beam : 3570-55mil Taiwan LED chip

5) Only 2 inches, specially produced for some small-sized fog light spaces

6) Unique double-convex lens optical design. Direct-fire independent high beam design for far distance.

7) The optical design of double-convex lens can effectively reduce the light loss and the high beam is more powerful and the irradiation distance is longer.

8) Beam Pattern: Strong cutoff low beam with independent high beam

9) Reflector: Double Reflector

10) Working Temperature: -30*C – +85*C

11) Fitment: Moulding holes to install

12) Cooling system: Double bearing fan

Product Features

1)High quality material

2) Adopted Taiwan high temperature resistant LED chip, stable output light source, continue to provide you with high-quality lighting.

3) All made of high temperature resistant materials,ensures that the chip can work normally.

4) We have special brackets that can fit motorcycles.

5) Water proof IP 67,super water proof, no matter it is rainy or foggy, it can also keep completely dry and operate normally, safe driving.

Light Effect

1) Power is up to 120W (60W) per bulb, and a lumen of 16000LM (8000LM)each Low beam has wide pavement and uniform lighting effect, and high beam is strong and focused.

2) Cooling System- Intelligent temperature control system make sure the heat dissipation effectively, get optimal heat protection and performance .

3) Reflector :High temperature resistant reflector keep the light and ensure the light performance without blind zone and dark spots.

4) Longlife span-30000H ,LED bulb the life span is 6 times more than halogen bulb ,much durable.

Note : Retrofitting Bi-LED projector fog requires installation by Professional only.


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